The Wren Insurance Association Ltd (Wren) was authorised as an insurance company on 29 January 1987. In the 1980s many architects in the UK became concerned about the cost and availability of insurance to cover their professional liabilities. The decision was made to form a mutual to cover these risks. The control that ownership would give the architects addressed the growing concerns they had about cost and availability of cover in such an important area of their business.

Wren has been managed since its inception by Tindall Riley. Tindall Riley has a long history of mutual management, and was able to use its experience to conduct the research which was needed for the establishment of a new mutual, and to develop the constitutional and financial framework required for its success.

Wren insures a significant proportion of the leading firms of commercial architects in the UK.  Selectivity, a culture of responsible management of risk, and a philosophy of prudent underwriting and active claims handling have contributed to the stability provided by Wren.  Wren remains well equipped to meet the objectives first identified over 30 years ago, and still important today.